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Posted by robert.briscoe on the Friday, 04 September 2020

Information on auditions for membership of the City of Belfast Youth Orchestra 2020-21.

We are delighted that you are auditioning for CBYO for 2020-21 and we hope that you enjoy preparing, practising and performing for your audition. Auditions for new members of the orchestra will take place later in September (no sooner than 22nd ). Specific dates, times and venue for the auditions will be emailed to all applicants in the coming days and posted on this website once emails have been sent out.

During your audition you will be asked to:

    Perform a piece of your own choice. This should be of Grade 7 standard. (Accompanied pieces should be performed without the accompaniment.)

    (Percussionists should perform a tuned piece and should contact CBYO Manager Robert Briscoe for further information.)

    Perform all orchestral excerpts set for your instrument (see the links at the bottom of this page to download your excerpts)