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Previous Concert Tours

Posted by scott on the Sunday, 21 July 2013

Every 2 Years, the CBYO embarks on Concert Tours abroad. These critically acclaimed tours see the members of the orchestra acting as ambassadors for Northern Ireland performing in some of the most prestigous music festivals and concert venues in the world

On this page you will find a history of the orchestra's previous tours starting with our most recent tour of Italy in July/August 2013. Further photographs from older tours can also be found on our Facebook page.

In association with:

The Flax Trust

Ulster Bank

Ulster Garden Villages


UD Healthcare

Belfast City Council

The RoryFoundation

Smurfitt Capita

First Trust Bank

Milliburn Trust

House of Fraser

This Summer as part of our 60th Anniversary Celebrations, the 82 members of the City of Belfast Youth Orchestra toured the East Coast of the US. Whilst abroad our young people acted as first rate Ambassadors for Northern Ireland showcasing all that is good about Northern Ireland and the wealth of talent we have

Our First Concert was at Boston City Hall where we the Orchestra performed for Mayor Marty Walsh helping to foster relations between Belfast and it's new Sister City of Boston

Our second Concert in New England was at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton MA. Once again the Orchestra Members received a very warm welcome from the Irish American Community


The CBYO then relocated to New Jersey performing the next Concert of the tour before a large audience at the United Methodist Church in Morristown.

Our final concert of the tour was at the Morgan Park Summer Music Festival in Glen Cove, Long Island. We were honoured to be invited to perform in such a prestigious and long running festival.

After the four concerts, two of which were performed in the middle of a heat wave, it was time for some relaxation.


Until next time......

2013 Concert Tour of Italy in Association with Ulster Bank and Ulster Garden Villages

Concerts performed in Tettucio Spa Monticatini Terme, Tuscany

Basillca of Sant'Andrea Della Valle,Rome

The Ravello Festival featuring guest soloist Richard Blake

2012 CBYO performing in the Royal Albert Hall, London. This is the third time the orchestra has performed in this iconic venue in the last ten years!

Previous Concert Tours


Tour of France with performances in La Madelaine Cathedral Paris, Cathedral of St. Vincent Macon, Church of Notre Dame La Seyne and Verdure Auditorium St Cyr – sur – Mer


Trip to London, performing in the Royal Albert Hall on the last night of the Schools Proms concerts

Tour of Slovenia & Italy with performances in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas Ljubjana, Culture House Novo Mesto, Villa Rizzadi Negrar and Piazza Castello Redeondesco.


Tour of Spain with performances in the Sabatini Gardens Palacio Real Madrid, the Plaza Constitucion El Espinar,the Sociadad Musicale Santa Cecilia Cullera, the Teatro Rambal Utiel and the Teatro Municipale Balaguer.


Trip to London, performing in the Royal Albert Hall on the last night of the Schools Proms concerts


Tour of the USA with performances in John F Kennedy center for the Performing Arts Washington DC, the Music Pier in Ocean City,the Concert Arena in Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania and the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid in New York City.


Tour of France, Poland and Germany with performances in Villeneuve d'Ascq, the St Maria Magdalene Cathedral, Wroclaw, the frederic Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, the Filharmonia Hall in Krakow and the British Embassy Berlin.


Tour of Hungary with performances in Szeged Synagogue, Tatabanya Cultural Centre, Esztergom Basilica, Lake Balaton and the Budapest Vigado.


Tour of Italy with performances in the Chisea degli Ermtiani Padova, the Teatro Romano Fiesole, the Cortile in the Military Academy in Modena, the Piazza delle Santissima Annunziata Florence and in the Anfitearo Romano Arezzo


Tour of the USA with performances in Quincy Market and the MDC Hatch Pavilion in Boston, the Concert Arena in Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania, the United States Capitol and the John F Kennedy center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC.


Tour of France with performances in the Saint-Merri Eglise and the Madeleine Paris, Olreans Cathedral, the Chateau de Chambord and the Eglise St Pierre, Caen.


Tour of the USA with performances in St. Patrick's Cathedral New York,Rochester, Indianapolis and St. Louis.


Tour of France, Holland and Belgium with performances in Eglise St. Louis, Grand Hotel Ballroom (Paris), Hooglandse Kerk (Leiden), Grote Kerk, Dordrecht and Conservatory Hall, Gent


Tour of West Germany with Performances in Furstenzall Church, Pocking Civic Hall, Engelhardtszell Monastery, Admont Curch, Goestling, St. Gilgen and Bonn


Tour of West Germany with performances in Bad Honef, Bonn Market Square, Kieferngarten Seniorenheim, Munich, Augsburg, Nurnberger and Eeftsaat


Tour of USA with performances in Elmira, Westport and New Jersey


Tour of Hanover, West Germany with performances in Eversten,Hamelin,Laatzen, Hanover and Pockelstrasse

>Closer to home the Orchestra has performed extensively throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom