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Stephen Parker Award

Posted by scott on the Sunday, 21 July 2013

Origins and History of the Stephen Parker Memorial Trust

Stephen Parker was a student of the City of Belfast School of Music who played French Horn in the City of Belfast Youth Orchestra under the direction of Mr Leonard Pugh. Stephen was fourteen and a half years old when he bacame a victim of what has come to be known in the history of Northern Ireland as the Bloody Friday outrage on July 21st, 1972. He died as he endeavoured to warn others of the presence of an unexploded car bomb. An innocent victim of a terrorist outrage in a purely residential area of the City.

The Stephen Parker Memorial Trust was born out of this tragic situation. Knowing how much Stephen appreciated his place in the CBYO, his parents decided that his memorial had to be capable of contributing in the long term towards"the life and welfare of his beloved orchestra." A substantial sum of money donated at the time of Stephen's death was invested and has been further added to over the years. Each year 75% of the annual income of this investment is awarded as a prize to "the member or members of the City of Belfast Youth Orchestra who make the best all round progress during the year." Students are then free to use this award to further their musical study through assisting with lessons or masterclasses or contributing towards the purchase of equipment. The residual amount is reinvested to maintain the value of the prize.

Stephen was a trier and his parents felt it appropriate that "evidence of having tried very hard" ought to be the major factor in deciding eligibility for his memorial prize. Each year the trustees of the memorial meet to decide upon a winner based on evidence provided by the Orchestra staff. The winner is announced and the recipient presented with the award during the Orchestra's Summer Concert

The Stephen Parker Memorial Trust is administered by the Education Authority. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the trust can do so care of :

Ms Therese McKinney

Acting Head of Music Service

City of Belfast School of Music

Fortwilliam Centre

Forwilliam Park


BT15 4AR

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